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The first time I rode a windsurfer was back in 1984, at the age of 11, on the Canning River in Perth, Western Australia, and it made a whistling sound when it got up to speed. From then I was hooked, and had a bunch of great mates to windsurf with in the suburb of Shelley.

From there is was a series of stepping stones, progressing onto more advanced equipment and competing in the Australian Windsurfing Series for a number of years, achieving an overall ranking of Runner Up Australian Champion in 1996, in the disciplines of Slalom, Course Racing & Wavesailing.

During this time I also completed a Bachelor of Science Degree. The studies included a course in Climate and Weather. These skills combined with a lifetime of observing the weather has provided me with an intimate knowledge of weather and ocean conditions.

The sports of kitesurfing, windsurfing & surfing provided the opportunity to explore the fantastic coastline of Western Australia, with long road trips, from Gnaraloo in the north, to Denmark in the south and east to Esperance. During this time I decided to focus on Wavesailing, and then settled in Margaret River in 1998.

I discovered Kitesurfing in 2000, and after completing an International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) instructor training course, setup Margaret River Kitesurfing & Windsurfing in 2002. For me this was a fantastic lifestyle and great opportunity to combine work with my passion. The school was expanded to include retail sales of Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and later Stand Up Paddle equipment.

In 2010, I competed in the Australian National Wavesailing Titles at Margaret River, placing Runner Up Champion. 

The passing on of a combination of these 'Waterman' skills to students of my school is a reward in itself, and it is great to see a student realise the joy and lifestyle advantages that waterspouts can, self esteem, strength, time out from busy schedules/screens and travel opportunities to name a few.

Since the sport of Wingfoiling evolved since 2019, the stoke from foiling has ignited a new passion. This progressing sport is the fastest growing water sport in the world with many different directions such as wing foiling, surf foiling, downwind foiling, tow foiling and SUP foiling.

In 2023 I re-branded the business with a new name, Mainbreak Water Sports, to reflect the diversity in the water sports the business offers, with Mainbreak as a symbol of the focal point of many watermen and women in Margaret River.

I now have the greatest opportunity in the pass on these skills to my son Levi and daughter Jasmine.  And all of my students.

And to let you in on the BIG SECRET: with these sports you get fit as a by product of having fun!

See you on the water...Simon Peters


Simon Peters - Margaret River

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