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Best wing foiling spots in the Margaret River/South West region of Western Australia

The South West Region has heaps of awesome spots, from beginner to advanced.

Starting in the North here's a list of wing foiling locations and conditions to look for.

I'm always happy to help fellow windy heads (wing foilers, kiters, windsurfers) find epic conditions when they travel to the Margaret River area, so feel free to make contact and I can give you a heads up on the forecast and best options for wind and waves, and perhaps join the local crew for a session if the planets align while you're here.

Cheers, Simon Peters.

Bunbury: Koombana Beach

Best Wind: NW

Best season: May to October

Conditions: Deep water with a large beach. Small swells possible. Glides on swells possible.

Abbey Boat Ramp, Busselton

Best Wind: NW

Best season: May to October

Conditions: Deep water with a large beach, choppy.

Quindalup Boat Ramp, Dunsborough

Best Wind: Easterly in Summer (also possible N or NNW in Winter)

Best Season: Summer - Dec to March. Winter: June to September)

Conditions: Deep water with a large beach. Small chop in Easterly wind, larger chop in NW wind.

Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp

Best Wind: Northerly in winter, SE in summer

Best Season: Summer - Dec to March, Winter May to Sept.

Conditions: Small waves in winter. Large chop in summer. Avoid super strong winds and rain in winter. Use the boat ramp to walk into and out of the water.

Eagle Bay, Dunsborough

Best Wind: N to NNW

Best Season: May to October

Conditions: Close to the tip of Cape Naturaliste, this spot gets good wind waves generated when the Northerly wind blows in Geographe Bay. Look for a small driveway that leads to the Eagle Bay Community Hall and park in the parking area. There is a small unsealed boat ramp. Enter the water there, and the best waves are a little way downwind breaking near the boat moorings. Wind waves will be larger when the wind is strong which can make entering the water more difficult with a foil. Northerly wind can blow very strong, so look for times when it's not too strong.

Cowaramup Bay

Best wind: WSW, W. Also possible in SW, NW.

Best Season: May to October.

Conditions: Vary from small waves to large and dangerous conditions. Best wind in between fronts. Launch at the swimmers beach in the middle of the bay. Watch out for the reef in the middle of the bay to the south of the swimmers beach, it juts out a fair way from the beach. Ride the waves at Centres, or if the swell is large stay further inside the bay.

Boatramp Beach, Prevelly

Best Wind: SSW, SE. Also possible SW, NW, WSW, W.

Best Season: Dec to March. Also winter May to Oct.

Conditions: Boatramp beach has become the Wind Foiling/Wing Surfing headquarters of the Margaret River region. As evidenced by the growing numbers of wing foilers there on a good day. It's suitable for beginners to advanced. However, beginners beware if there is a large swell running, and maybe give it a miss. Otherwise it's fine for beginners, just watch out for the reef near the beach and also upwind inside the boat ramp wave. Beginners or inexperienced in open waters be sure to stay inside the outer reef.

Waveriders enjoy the boat ramp wave on the outer reef, local knowledge can help with knowing which parts of the reef to avoid. Learn to ride waves at this spot on a small swell so you can learn the reef. Watch out for the SSW wind suddenly dropping out sometimes mid to late afternoon.

SE wind is gustier but waves stay cleaner.

Colourpatch, Augusta

Best Wind: This spot only works in the SE wind that often blows all day and night at Augusta from Dec to Mar.

Best Season: Dec to Mar

Conditions: The best spot here for wing foiling is directly in front of the colourpatch parking area (and playground). It's quite a narrow stretch of water, as the water body best for wing foiling is actually the river mouth. But it's usually smooth water and a fun spot, especially for beginners because there is a sandbar on the far side which is an easy place to stop or walk upwind if you have lost some ground.

Conditions can vary, best when the river is running out, rather than in due to the fact that incoming tide takes power out of the wing. Better earlier in the summer, as later in summer the tide is usually coming in during the day, and Sea Hares die and wash up on the beaches, which is not only stinks, but they catch on the foil sometimes.

Peak times like christmas holidays can get very busy with kitesurfer doing jumps at this spot.

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Richie Scott
Richie Scott
Nov 22, 2022

I’m travelling over to Bunbury WA for Christmas with family. Novice wing foiled and I see there are great locations there. Wondered if there is anywhere I could hire some gear? Cheers rich

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