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What do you get when you mix a Hyper with a Vortex? Introducing the Vyper

Designed by Adam Bennetts & Clifford Coetzer in search of the ultimate all-around surf foil, the Vyper was born. A cross between the Vortex and the Hyper. We took the best attributes of each model. The carve and ease of turning of the Vortex, and the ease of pump and efficiency of the Hyper.

This is the one foil to rule them all.

After many prototypes, and many hours of testing various aspects of the foil by our top team riders Adam Bennetts and Dylan Wichmann, everything from the wingspan to the thickness of the foil was experimented with, until the best setup for speed, glide, and performance was chosen.

A span that is wide enough to create enough lift, but not too wide to make turning difficult. Just enough down-sweep on the tips to loosen the foil up, but not lose efficiency. Just enough thickness in the profile to generate lift, but not create too much drag.

If you love to rip on the wave and want to take your foiling to the next level, from high-speed carves to ping down the face and hitting hard G forces, the Vyper will be sure to bite.

If there is only one model you need to own, it's the Vyper.


Available In 4 Sizes

Vyper 190 - 1225 cm2 - The largest in the range is aimed for the bigger riders at 85 kilos and up in medium conditions.

Vyper 170 - 1096cm2 - Probably going to be the favorite size if you already have your foiling legs and are looking to progress. Recommended for riders from 70kgs +

Vyper 150 - 967cm2 - For the smaller rider 60-70 kgs, or for the bigger guys who rip on big swell days.

Vyper 130 - 838cm2 - Suited for the younger riders or lightweights, but will be used by many riders of bigger weights for a tow-in foiling

Vyper 90 - 580cm2 - The smallest, suited for the younger riders or lightweights, 50kgs, or med to large waves tow


Co-designer Adam Bennetts Comments

"Unifoil has such a broad spectrum when it comes to foiling. The VORTEX range bridges the gap between short boarding and foil surfing with its speed and carving capabilities. The HYPER range is the original high aspect small wave/downwind machine that every other company has looked to for inspiration when creating something with maximum efficiency and glide.

I wanted something in between, something where you could take off on way on the inside of the break, pump out behind the back break and then rip it all the way to the beach performing proper shortboard carves and snaps, and then repeat that process multiple times, without burning out your legs.

I sat down with Cliffo and nutted out some ideas and after countless hours of testing across multiple sizes and prototypes, I can confidently say we created the best all-round performance wing available on the market - the VYPER.


The VYPER has a wingspan that is just wide enough to efficiently get you from A to B (the glide is unreal).

It has the perfect amount of sweep in the tips to roll the wing into the craziest of carves whilst wing tip breaches are a breeze to recover from (no ventilation issues here).

The thickness flaunts Unifoil’s remarkable speed we’ve all come to love, without sacrificing low-speed lift - which is great for recovery in between those critical carves and snaps in the whitewater.

The stability and glide of this design still blows my mind and because of this, a much smaller rear stab can be ridden, which massively enhances its turning capabilities and opens up a whole new world of ripping that you never thought was possible on a hydrofoil. Or, throw on a bigger rear stab and take it on a down-winding mission because the glide is unbelievable!

Whether you’re brand new to foiling, or a seasoned veteran, this stable, lightning-fast, maneuverable wing, will elevate your performance in the surf rapidly. It really is the best of both worlds, pumping like a HYPER, but carving like a VORTEX -

Welcome to the future of foiling, the VYPER is here! "

Adam´s recommended rear stab for Vypers:

Vyper 90 - 14 Flare or 13 race

Vyper 130 - 14 flare (if towing)
Vyper 130 - 13/14 race 18 (if small guy surfing)
Vyper 150 - 13/14” race 18
Vyper 170 - 13/14” race 18
Vyper 190 - 12/13/14” race 18 (if surfing)
Vyper 190 - carve 16 (if wing dinging)

Unifoil Vyper Complete Foil


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