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Super Lightweight and Incredibly Convenient

The PUFFER Pro is super lightweight at just 2.78 lbs (1.26 kg) and has dimensions of 16.4cm x 8.6cm x 19cm, ensuring excellent portability and effortless carrying. Its small size, along with a built-in nylon strap handle and a storage bag, allows for convenient transportation, easily fitting into your backpack and leaving ample space for your additional gear.

Quick and Precise Inflation

The PUFFER Pro boasts a dual-stage motor for rapid inflation, taking just 6 minutes to reach 12 PSI or 7.5 minutes for 15 PSI (for a 10.6 ft board): the first stage for maximum speed at 350L/min and the second stage for maximum pressure at 85L/min. Once it hits the set pressure, the pump automatically stops, guaranteeing precise and safe inflation for your wing, kite or paddleboard.

High-Quality Materials & Long-lasting Build

The PUFFER Pro utilizes top-tier materials like PTFE+PI (Teflon+Polyurethane) for the piston bowl, offering a prolonged pump life compared to competitor fluororubber. Its plastic components, crafted from nylon+fiberglass, withstand temperatures up to 200°C. Plus, the enhanced air intake valve, constructed with 304 stainless steel, ensures heightened durability.

Precise Digital Readout

The PUFFER Pro comes with a digital differential barometer, ensuring the LED display maintains a reading error within ±0.2 PSI, offering superior reliability compared to competitors (±1 PSI). It also includes a deflate mode, allowing for quick packing after your paddling session.

Inflate Anything Anywhere

Air power for every adventure. Seven nozzles to allow you to inflate anything, anywhere.

AIRBANK Puffer Pro Rechargeable Electric Pump


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