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Our wing boardbags are light-padded dayrunner bags with a very resistant and strong nylon skin. The bottom side is made of reflective silver poly fabric to reduce overheating in the sun. These bags perfect for transporting your boards in the car or on roof racks. We don't recommend these boardbags as single protection on air freight. 6mm high density foam on top and bottom plus 4mm at nose and tail keeps your board cool and protects it from dings, scratches and tight roof straps. 

Please note that our bag sizes are compromised to fit as many board types as possible, which allows us the keep the boardbag prices at a reasonable level for you! So don't expect our bags to fit each board tight as a sock. Tight boardbags are problematic anyway as the lack of air circulation may cause dampness problems and osmosis with your board, so leave your board some freedom inside the bag and remember to leave the zippers open when your board is still wet.

The given size refers to the maximum board with and length fitting the boardbag, not the outside measurements of the bag flat on the ground. For most accurate selection please ask your PATRIK shop the check boardbag sizes for you according to our board-boardbag match list.

Patrik Wingfoil Boardbag XL 210cm x 88cm


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