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Glide with effortless pumping.

The Glide 220 is our stabiliser of choice when seeking the greatest glide and pump over long distances. It caters to intermediate through advanced riders pursuing lightwind winging, downwinding and flatwater pumping.


WING: Rider weight 60kg+ (132lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
PRONE/SUP SURF: Rider weight 60kg+ (132lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
DOWNWIND: Rider weight 60kg+ (132lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
WAKE: Rider weight 60kg+ (132lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
KITE: Rider weight 60kg+ (132lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced


Area: 220cm2
Span: 462mm
Aspect Ratio: 9.7

Armstrong Glide 220 Stabiliser


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