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Forward WIP EZY Wing Kit - easy access to wing surfing on an existing SUP Board.

The EZY Wing fin kit can be fitted to any* SUP Board to allow the use of a Wind Wing to go Wing Surfing.


EZY Wing fin kit will allow the transformation of any SUP board into a Wing board (Non Foiling) that will be able to go forwards and up wind without sliding sideways, losing ground downwind and help with the long walk of shame back to your starting point.


The EZY WING fin kit will allow more people to get into the sport of Winging using existing SUP boards.


EZY Wing will also be a great tool for Beginner Wing Lessons


*Hard/Fibreglass SUP boards: the metal bar in the kit that fits underneath the board will need to be wrapped in protective tape (duct tape or similar) in order to prevent damage to hard boards.



  • Compatible with any paddle board
  • Dagger Board Surface is Calculated for optimal side/up/down/wind riding.
  • A Durable kit made with Resistant Materials
  • The Kit folds under the board to ease and reduce storage space

Forward Wip EZY Wing Fin Kit


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