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This next generation V3 model is even more refined /practical with beautiful lines and unmatched graphic details.

Full Carbon PVC are going to be ridiculously light and strong with the EPS Wood Deck not being too far behind in weight and durability, with both constructions having a 0% failure rate from the last couple seasons boards. Carbon is now even lighter by 400 grams to differentiate between the two constructions more.




Full Carbon PVC - silver with black stripe.

EPS Wood Deck - white with red and orange stripe.


Sizes: 5’8″ x 29″ x 105L | 6’0″ x 29″ 118L | 6’3″ x 29.5″ x 126L | 6’6″ x 30″ x 132L | 6’9″ x 32″ x145L

Smik Slab SUP/Wingfoil V3

PriceFrom $1,650.00

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