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Light | Balanced | Powerful | Efficient | Effortless


V3 SMIK wings are further refining what were already the highest tension, ultra-responsive  wing on the market, increasing its wind range and control even further.


Ultra lightweight matching performance stiffness and tensions of the big ticket brands whilst actually surpassing handling and performance.

Supreme balance of power between the hands which doesn't shift as the wing powers up and locks into the forward section of the wing equalling control and drive up wind. 

Previous incarnations already had phenomenal control in neutral due to skin tensions and tip angles which has been further enhanced with a softer trailing edge.

Massive wind range in each size due to efficiencies in pumping up onto the foil and then control at the top end of their spectrums 


Optically, the horizontal cut panels are something that’s obviously apparent, but what you can’t see is how the skin tension has been achieved differently. Without giving too much away, skin tension is still extremely tight in the forward two thirds , but achieved in a way which has allowed the leach to breathe. Pumping up onto the foil in marginal conditions is ridiculously efficient as a result, whilst being less back handy and driving forward as you get over powered. 

Shaping and tension also provide lift and drive through manoeuvres helping you to drive through tacks and boost big airs without struts folding in half, meaning greater hang time 



Depending on the conditions, each style of handle comes into it's own. 

Semi Rigid \- Is what's supplied as it covers the  broadest range of conditions. When situations become extreme it's when this style of handle comes into it's own. The slight arm movement allows the wing to self trim and adjust to gusts where a fully rigid handle forces the wing to react more abruptly.

Fully rigid - In each wings optimal wind range when the winds are steady, the control in  moves and handling is a lovely sensation, thus provided as an option for those that prefer this feel.


Wing development continues to evolve rapidly, with many companies coming out with the latest and greatest new material, that thus far has failed to meet up to expectations in terms of durability /performance and value to the dollar. 

Warranties of V2 Bladders have been almost no existent with zero strut failure so you can be pretty much assured of worry free winging without sacrificing performance. 

We're currently testing new materials but still putting a considerable amount of time on the water before going to production without adequate testing.


Canopy / T9600 from Technoforce / Teijn Japan

Struts / Dimension Polyant from Germany with duelultrasonic-welded PU valves



SMIK Wing Ding Mk3

PriceFrom $940.80

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